"A creative community"

Alexander Wren is an artist and a Jeweller that creates unique handmade projects each month to give away at random to his subscribers.
Each project has an entertaining video released about how it was made and what inspired it.
For £1 a month - you can be part of the community that comes together at the end of each month to watch the live draw at 8pm on instagram to celebrate who has won!

Alexander Wren also hosts a Podcast in Brighton, UK.
Each episode will focus on the guest and what they do with a philosophical questioning process from Alex.
Long form podcasts are an intense 2-3 hour authentic conversation to truly understand a subject in depth. 
Each episode is a learning opportunity for those that seek knowledge.

For daily content follow Alexander Wren on instagram, watch the videos on youtube or IGTV.

Enjoy the content and good luck!

"I want the random chance of the universe to decide who gets each of my creations. Not who has the most money."

Alexander Wren

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